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TAIRLING Elevator was established in 1971,
Our priority has always been “Safety, Quality and Service”. For over 45 years, we have been 100% concentrating on researching, development, production and maintenance of elevators, hoping to bring the public a safer and easier life.
With the growing of our company, our products have been sold to Singapore, India, Philippines, Bangladesh, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, China and etc. Our professional technology, excellent quality, and perfect after-sales service all receive favorable comments from our clients, making TAIRLING Elevator an important role in the global market.

The Best Choice For you

TAIRLING elevator has acquired the type examination certificate up to 15 tons capacity issued by authority. Just give us an opportunity; we will bring you the best solution in accordance with your requirement at reasonable price.

Why us?

We are sustainable developing elevator company;
our goal is to raise the elevator industry to the brand new height.
Everything about elevator, we are all professional.
Your safety and convenience is important to us.
Choosing us is not just meaning getting an excellent performance elevator,
but also the commitment to your family/customers/employees of their safety.

Experience Having over 40 years’ experience, we know the importance of sustainable operation in this field and put every effort on advancement of our products and services.

Customization Customizing elevator is our expertise. Our products have most elasticity of customization and consistency of best quality. You can spend the minimal time and get the fittest elevator.

The Plan to Convert Your Old Elevator

How long has your elevator been running? We suggest that elevators should be inspected after running 15 years, evaluating which part needs to be updated. We customize the most efficient and economical plan according to your elevator. Just give us a few days and you can clearly feel:
Your elevator is newer!
Your elevator is more comfortable!
Your elevator costs less power consumption!
What you can’t see is the most important: being compliant with the higher standard of regulation, your elevator will be much safer.


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